Dr H. Clark's Zapper

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In this project, I explain how to make a Clark's Zapper, without any knowledge in electronics.

The zapper is a device invented by the Dr Hulda Clark, it destroy the parasites witch lives in you, with a pulsative continue current ! The user takes two electrodes in his hands, the voltage must be continue, between 5V to 10V. The signal must be square, around 30k Hz.

The zapper's plan are foundable easyly, Dr Clark gives them on his books and on his website http://clarkzapper.net/. We can find easyly severals manufactured zappers, but it's not given to everybody to make it.

I make here a zapper just by assembling some cheaps componants.

Step 1: To Make a Zapper, You'll Need...

  1. This signal generator create the good pulsation for the zapper. We have here a large panel of frequencies 1 Hz to 1 MHz, square, triangle or sine. We are can easyly adjust a square 30 kHz signal, with 10V amplitude. Here is a link for an assembled generator (FR link). If you're motivated to assemble it, you can buy the DIY version (US link).
  2. You'll need also of electrodes pads and wires. You can buy the wires for pads, and the electrodes pads separately (US links). I found the both with a stimulator (FR link), very cheap.
  3. For a convenient use, this device must be portable. We need 12V for runing the function generator. I have choosen a case for 8 AA batteries (FR link), here is a long version of the case (US link).
  4. I advise you to buy rechargeable batteries, you'll need 8 AA batteries (FR link).
  5. At last, you'll have to plug batteries case to the generator with a male alimentation 5,5mm plug. May be you can sacrifice an old alimentation...

Step 2: Assemble and Ajust the Zapper

According Dr Clark, the best frequence, to kill parasits and virus is a square 30 kHz signal.
You have to select the jumper "3k > 65 kHz". I tested frequency with oscilloscop. You have 30 kHz when you turn all buttons at maximum on clock wise. Turn the last button, 3mm before the max. Now the frequency, must be at 30 k Hz.

With the original Clark's device, each wire is connected to a copper tube. User will take in each hand a tube. For a better conduction, the tubes must be wrapped whith a wet cloth.

I found it more practical to use adhesive pads. You can doing something else, during the zapping moment.



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