Dr. Java Beginners Program

You will need a basic Dr. Java application on your computer for this instructable

Step 1: Start Up the Application

Open the Dr. Java program from the task bar or where you have it saved.

Step 2: Start Typing the First Line of Code

Type the code exactly as follows: (Note: do not forget the open curly brace).

public class HelloEveryone {

Step 3: Type the Static Void Method

Write the second line of code as:

public static void main (String [ ] args) {

Step 4: Type the Print Statement

What you want the user to see is what you write in this line, for example:

System.out.println ("Hello Everyone");

Step 5: Add One More Line of Print Statement

You can type more than just one line like:

System.out.println ("Isn't making instructables fun");

Step 6: End the Code

Close your program with two curly braces:

} }

The program will not run if the braces are not closed.

Step 7: Compile Your Program

Hit the compile button on the menu bar at the top.

Step 8: Save Your Program

A little box will open asking you to save the program, save the program into desired place.

Step 9: Run the Program

Click the run button on the top right of the menu bar.

Step 10: Your Program Is Now Ready! Yay!

Your program has successfully compiled and shown the output in the interactions box on the bottom of the window. Congratulations on completing the first lesson of java programming.



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    2 years ago

    Welcome to instructables! Thanks for sharing this tutorial!