Dr. Pepbeer

Introduction: Dr. Pepbeer

Dr. Pepbeer has a delightful malted flavor. For a dry cocktail mix light beer and diet Dr Pepper. The glass, beer, and the soda should be very cold; this drink is best served without ice.

Pour equal parts of beer and soda into a frosty, tall glass. The mixture makes a creamy, malty,  foamy head.

Drink it ice-cold, at once, for best taste.

Try ale instead of lager, or another pepper-flavor soda--Mr Pibb (by Coke), Dr. Joe's (by Trader Joe's), or Dr. Slice (by Pepsi).

Fans of Dr Pepper, malta, beer, or other malt beverages will enjoy a chilly Dr. Pepbeer.



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    me and my buddy have made a drink called a dr pepper, tastes like dr pepper but contains none, its just half a glass of beer, half a glass of cola and a shot of amaretto, its quite tasty

    You missed out the main point, which would be to mix DrPepper and beer.
    I get the idea but you don't say so explicitly.


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    I know this is way late but I just stumbled upon this 'ible. But the Author doesn't need to say "mix" Dr. Pepper and beer. He says to "Pour equal parts of beer and soda into a frosty, tall glass."

    When you pour them both into "A" glass, mixing is sort of automatic in most known universes. Just thought I'd help end any confusion you post might have put in peoples minds. :-)

    Learned to actually try this combo. Never would have otherwise cause you know, on the surface it sounds like it would be way nasty. But now I know what to expect it to taste like and why.

    So while it may not be a highly detailed 'ible, the process itself isn't complicated or intensive. where else would it go really? Instructables doesn't have an "ideas and suggestions" section(does it?) to put simpler things like this into, so here it must go. But i see your point, but again, where else would he have put it?