Dr. Ritchtofen's Magpull Modified to Fire



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Umm.... so, hey guys, gassybeans here, recently, I built Dr. Richtofen's Magpull gun. I LOVED IT! BUT, i also thought it would be PERFECT if it fired. SO, i thought up a concept to make it a firing gun. So, I am not the greatest knexer, so I made a concept and YOU (the readers) can look at this gun, and possibly make up your own version of this. I could not figure out how to get the FP to reack the trigger, therefore, it stayed a concept. I am posting this, so you can tweak this to make it fire. All credit goes to Dr. Richtofen. I added an Acog scope, and a retarded little flip up sight. I think this looks nice. Anyways, ONTO the building process/internals! :)

Step 1: Brief View of Internals.

These are just basic pics of the internals (there are better pics later)

Pic 1- The whole, stripped down gun
Pic 2- The magazine Part
Pic 3- The reciever, and middle
Pic 4- The front

Step 2: Layer 1 (and 5)

The Layers 1 and 5 are the exact same as the original instuctions (except for the acog) because I didnt want to change the apperarance.
Just make them exactly the same as Dr. Richtofen made them. A few snipets of tape are RECOMMENDED, not nessescary. :)

Pic 1- The framing, with the attachment rods.

Step 3: Layer 2

So these are layers 2 amd well, technicaly 3 but a few differences.

Pic 1- The middle section of the gun ( Trigger, mag integration system acog section)
Pic 2- The nozzle, barrel section of the gun (barrel, trigger part 2, silencer)
Pic 3- The magazine section of the gun (mag receiver, mag slot, stock)

Step 4: Layer 3

Layer 3 is kinda tricky, you integrate the trigger in here, and its a tad bit hard. Just read all of the boxes. they come in handy in this step

Pic 1- you should have this so far
Pic 2- make this
Pic 3- Stick it Here!
Pic 4, add this, it shouldnt fit quite right, dont worry.
Pic 5- another view.
Pic 6- add these.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Woha your internals looks suprisingly identical to mine. Except for the stock, because I changed that part completely. Nice job

    2 replies

    It doesnt shoot it is a concept. I could not figure out how to get the trigger to coincide with that firing pin and the ammo. I posted this so people could get internals, and find their own way of making it fire :) Sorry for the confusion and possible dissapointment....