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My step daughter is really into Dr. Who. I thought it would be fun to make her door look like the Tardis door. I chose to just add a door skin rather than build a new door.

Step 1: Started the Project With a Door Skin

Bought a door skin from the local Windzer Plywood store. Cost was around 10.00. This will be cut down to fit the size of her door. In this case it was a 30 inch door.

Step 2: Building the Frame Around the Door.

This will take the place of the trim that is already installed. I will take off the trim and store it for future use. In case she either gets tired of it or we move. Here I used 3 inch wide by 1/2 inch thick trim board from Home Depot. This was the easiest way to get the look I was after without being to much. The top pieces were a combination of several pieces stacked on top of or next to each other. This drawing was done after the fact. I just kept cutting and piling them together until I got the look I wanted.

Step 3: Door Design Pieces

The first one is of 1/2 in particle board cut into 2 inch strips. The center vertical piece was 5 5/16 wide. I glued the pieces onto the cut piece of door skin.

Step 4: Painting of the Door

After everything was glued and screwed I found what I think is a great color of blue. This was taken before the final coat. Second picture is a close up of the top.

Step 5: Adding the Decals

First picture shows the finished lettering on top. I used a black piece of vinyl sticker for the background. I bought the vinyl off of EBay in a roll for around 15.00. I have a vinyl cutter that will cut 24 inch wide and as ling as you want. the white letters are just vinyl that I cut out. The door sign was printed on just plain white paper and then I sprayed it with clear finish the keep it stiff. Turned out pretty good.

Step 6: Adding Windows

I again used white vinyl for the background and cut very small pieces of wood to make the lattice in the windows. I painted them blue before installing them. You can see the screws in the corners of the door and middle. This was done intentionally in this step so I would not have to drill while holding the darn door skin in place. If you look close I had used anything I could to hold the door frame and skin in place. This was so i could move it into the house. This was going to be a Christmas present.

Step 7: Final Stage of Door Install

Here are the final stages for the door. As a side note I forgot to account for the door handle during construction. I ended up adding a piece and drilling it for the door handle. This does make the door a bit heavy but still very functional.

Step 8: Drawing of the Door

I have thought of building some of these to sell local. Not sure if many people would like one. Or how much to charge. They do take some time to build. Anybody have thoughts on this?



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    2 years ago

    My kids love Dr. Who. What a great idea, thanks.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you and good luck to you.


    2 years ago

    I would love one of these for my door its awesome

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you. She loves it. Im thinking of making another one