Drafting Table Legs




based on the design from pictures 3. I found it online can't remember where.

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Step 1: Find/make a Table Top

I was able to find a drafting table top at the DI. which is Utahs equivalent to salvation army. it didn't have the legs but I figured that it wouldn't be to difficult.

Step 2: Design

so with this step research may be necessary. for me I did a little bit. I was able to find this image online and decided to to build it. I'll upload an image of my drawn design that I hope to build eventually for the table.

Step 3: Materials

so 2x4s are what I used the most. along with some 1x4s and 4x4s. I had much of the materials I had on hand but they aren'tvery expensive.

Step 4: Let's Get Building

Sorry this step won't be to detailed forgot to take measurements.

Step 5: Attachment

final stepis attaching the legs to the table and final setup.

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    Razor 911

    3 years ago

    sexy legs LOL thanks for sharing great work


    3 years ago

    I love the design! Thanks for sharing!!