Drafting Table

In this instructable we will be designing and making a small, practical, and low cost drafting table.

Note: This project was made by (Jafar Alobaid and Hussain Alhudhud ) in FABLAB Dhahran

Step 1: Requirements

1- MDF or plywood wood (12mm).

2- Wood glue.

3- Round wire nail.

4-Wood varnish.

6-Warnish brush or roller


6-Quick Grip Clamp.

You will also need a CNC machine or you can just cut the parts manually.

Step 2: 2D Design

The 2D Design we made is really easy. you can always adjust it and change it to fit your type of use.

The PDF file is attached with this step. The dimension of the top sheet is ( 60 cm x 44cm )

There's a long rectangle on the top side. This rectangle will not be cut all the way through. The purpose of it is just to hold pens or colors. So, we will only make it a pocket (4mm depth) .

Step 3: Cutting the Design and Assembling the Parts

After you finish cutting all the parts, it's time now to assemble our table.

In this step we will use the wood glue along with the quick grip to hold all the parts together.

Once, you finish the assembly step, use sandpaper(220cw) to make the surface of wood clean and smooth. Now, clean any dust and use the varnish to give your table that nice shiny look.

leave it for one day to dry. If you want to make it even better you can use sandpaper(800cw) one more time and varnish it again.

Step 4: Final Product

Here is our final product.



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