Dragon Full Functional Action Figure




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Step 1: Dragon's Skeleton

Build the skeleton with the aluminum wire

Step 2: Dragon's Skeleton With Bones

Make the bones with thermomorph plastic

Step 3: Dragon's Body

Cut pieces of sponge and attache the parts in to the skeleton with glue. Cutting in the shape you like

Step 4: Dragon's Muscles

Make muscles with I clay or other kind of elastic clay . Attached with glue in to the sponge body

Step 5: Dragon's Skin

Apply glue and wrap with elastic bandage . After a few minutes apply liquid latex . You must make a very thin surface of latex . After drying start painting with the color you like

Step 6: Dragon's Mouth and Teeth

This is a difficult part . The tongue is from I clay and the teeth polymorph!

Step 7: Dragon's Eyes

Make the eyes with polymorph

Step 8: Dragon's Wings

Make the wings with elastic bandage and paint them with acrylic colors

Step 9: Play With Your Dragon

Thank you very much for watching and please vote if you like it . Send message for any questions . See in the video below the final result.

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    1 year ago

    I love the detail that you put into the face and the wings, it looks amazing :)

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