Dragon Age 2 - a Solid Game While It Last

Intro: Dragon Age 2 - a Solid Game While It Last

Since I've completed the game it is time for an update! I've chilled on a number of the criticisms I had in the beginning but become a bit more irritated for some other things, so over-all my rating will stay put. Just a few points to discuss...
I'm not sure how some people can tell that the game only live through 30 hours. The only way you can complete that fast is if you put it on normal difficulty level and disregard all the side missions. I place in nearly double that many hours, so I'm pleased with the game duration.

Initially I wasn't able to switch my other characters' guns and armor. I had attempted initially and it would not let me so I didn't repeat the process till a fellow critic informed me you could do that a short while in the game, at least as far as the guns go. You cannot alter the armor for any of the other heroes, other than purchasing this foolish little mode for his or her armor. I believed it was a step in the wrong path. The great aspect of the initial game was that when your main figure got an awesome new set of armor, you handed down your outdated set to one of your team. Impossible here.

The main one unforgiveable aspect of the game is the recurring utilization of maps. You will get back to similar areas time and time again and over once more. In addition, to the whole "stuck in town" sense of the game, it genuinely diminishes the epic dynamics of the initial game. You were out there going through the world, discovering new sites all the time. Here you are in town and sometimes you venture out of town quickly to do something, sad to say it’s usually back to the same 3 places.
One more small issue was the possible lack of the party camp. I truly enjoyed that in the first game. Every one of your characters were together in one location and it made you feel as if your party was in this awful wreck together. Isn't it about time everyone who's got their own home around town--it seems very odd if you ask me for some reason. Why don't they all hang out at Hawke's area?

On the whole, this is a really good game. Takes a while to loosen up to some of the modifications but for the greater degree you will. I'd most likely give it 3.5 stars if I can, but it is not really a four star game the way it is. Should they had included a bit variety in the maps and place a little more work into the story they could have conveniently made this a lot better than the primary game, even with the modifications to the battle system. However right now we know how they got the game available on the market so quick.




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