Dragon Bag Tag

Introduction: Dragon Bag Tag

I will show you how to make a dragon bag tag which is pewter casted and colored in cold enameled

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Step 1: Drawing a Design You Like

The first step to making a bag tag such as this is to draw a detailed image of what you want to make it look like. Take your time and sketch a design that you like. It can be anything so its all up to you to choose what design your making, it doesn't even have to be a dragon.

Step 2: Final Sketch

After you have drawn a design you like draw a diamond shape around it (it is best using a ruler so that you have straight lines). Then when you're done with drawing it take a good quality picture of it. Measure the size of the pewter machine you are going to use so that you have correct measurements.

Step 3: Paint.Net

After you have taken your picture download it to your computer and import it to Paint.Net. then turn off anti aliasing and trace your design than download it as a BMP.

Step 4: 2D Design

Then import it and set depth parameters for a milling machine/CNC. After you have done your depth settings for your design you can start milling it. Double check your depth parameters before you put it into the milling machine so that it doesn't go over a part twice and make you have to re-mill it. Don't forget to make a key hole big enough for a key chain to go through it.

Step 5: Making a Runner, Well, Air Holes and Tying Elastic Bands

After milling your design make a well, a runner and some air holes so that there wont be any air pockets that could harm your design. Then tie your design with elastic bands so that it does not open while you're pewter casting it.

Step 6: Pewter Casting Your Design

Than put your design in the pewter casting machine. Be careful how you put your design into the pewter casting machine to avoid spills. Wear heat resistant gloves so that you don't burn yourself. Wait 15 to 20 minutes for the pewter to dry.

Step 7: Finishing Steps

Choose the colors for cold enameling and while your design is drying then apply the cold enamel of your choice (I chose a light blue background and red fins). Wait around twelve hours for the cold enamel to dry. This should be the last step for your design. Once your design is dry you might want to sand paper it to give it a smooth feeling. Do not forget to add a key chain to the hole at the top so that you can attach it to your bag.

Step 8: Final Design

Your design can end up looking completely different from mine.

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