Dragon Egg, GOT, Daenerys Egg, Harry Potter

Introduction: Dragon Egg, GOT, Daenerys Egg, Harry Potter

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I’m gonna tell you how to make a GoT inspired dragon egg that I made for my Daenerys cosplay. It cost me £11.50 to make which is a big saving against the £49 you’ll pay for an official replica egg!

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Step 1: Materials

I bought my materials from Hobbycraft but i’m sure there’s lots of places you can get these. So you’ll need a large polystyrene egg, textured metallic card (mine was blue/green colour shift), a heart hole punch (alternatively, you can cut out the scale shapes) and sequin pins.

Step 2: Scales

So, the GoT eggs are shown and described as having scales. Create the scales by using the heart punch on the metallic card, or using a template. Using the pins, secure the scales to the polystyrene egg, starting from the bottom and working in a spiral pattern. I found that putting the pin at a steep angle (almost horizontal to the egg) held the scales down better.

Step 3: More Scales

Continue to add the card scales with the pins, making sure you cover as many pin heads as possible with the next row of scales. The top of the egg can get a bit fiddly, I used a few extra pins here to stop the card sticking out too much. In hind sight, you might want to cut your scales slightly smaller as you near the top of the egg.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Finish the egg by coving the tops of any visible pins with a similar coloured nail polish. You may want to add extra details (dirt etc) with acrylic paints or nail polish. Your egg is complete!

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2 months ago

Thank you. I made this. I made it larger and it will be a money box.


This would make a perfect present for a fan of either series.