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Introduction: Dragon Jewel Ball Machine Preview

About: I'm a 16 year-old guy who loves to build mechanics out of knex. my main interests are ball machines and roller coasters. My real name is Matt and I'm a christian. I live in Australia or more commonly known a...
Here's the awaited preview of my new ball machine Dragon Jewel. This will be a themed ball machine once completed. So far it includes 3 lifts: The Semicircle lift, the conveyor belt lift, and the reverse arm lift.
The last picture is a little teaser of what to expect in th theming of the ball machine. ;-)


Please comment with any questions you have.
Enjoy and thanks for viewing! :-)



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    Screenies from the vid! If you can't do so and you give me the permission then I will take some screenies of the vid for the lift guide

    I love tennis. I play cos I want to not cos I have to. I enjoy Tennis just as much as K'nex. :P

    Just wait to see it like everyone else. :-) It should be done soon anyway, maybe in a week.

    How did that double-comment? FAIL! :D :D :D
    Speaking of a bug:
    They finally fixed the rating bug!
    Even thought I liked the look of the old starts moar..... :(

    And the old one also gave an exact number, now it seems to just be half stars. Oh well, the old old rating system was still better than both old and new.