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This is an easy to make bracelet that is wider than the original. All you need to make it is something with 4 points. I used the edge of my loom but you can even use something like a fork. Please forgive me if it is hard to understand but this is my first instructable. Enjoy!

Step 1: Gather Materials

What you need:
A bunch of little rubber bands
A loom tool
Something with four points

Step 2: Start the Bracelet

Put one band on the first two points and another on the last two points. Then put another band on the middle two pegs. I used two different colors to make it easier to see. Make sure to put a clip on each of the very bottom bands.

Step 3: Start Weaving

Everywhere there are two bands on a peg, pull the bottom band over the top. Once you pull up the required bands you put on another row. Keep alternating which row you put on. Ex: if you had just put on the row with two bands then the next row only needs one.

Step 4: Continue to Desired Length

Keep going until it is big enough for your wrist and then put the clips on the new end to finish it off. Enjoy your new bracelet!

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