Dragon Scale




Introduction: Dragon Scale

Step 1: Supplies

You will need
2 or more different colored rubber bands
Loom or one piece of it

Step 2: Row 1

Twist on a rubber band. Leave a space and twist on another rubber band.

Step 3: Row 2

On the second and third put a different colored band. Don't twist from here on out.

Step 4: Looming

Pull the bottom bands on the second and third peg back.

Step 5: Row 3

Put another row on. The row should look like row one. Don't twist

Step 6: Looming

Anything under another band, bring behind the peg. After this step there should only be one color showing in front of the pegs.

Step 7: Row 4

Add another row.

Step 8: Repeat

Bring back the ones underneath. Repeat this until you have it big enough to fit your or the person your giving it to wrist.

Step 9: Taking Off

Pick off each piece gently.

Step 10: Clip

Clip the side together.

Step 11: Togetherness

Get the other side together. Clip the sides together.

Step 12: Tada : )

Now you have a dragon scale. Give it to someone or keep it to yourself.

Step 13: Thanks

Thank you for looking at my Instructable. Please favorite, share, vote, and follow.

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    6 years ago

    can u explain more on step seven please


    6 years ago