Dragon Skin Box

Introduction: Dragon Skin Box

This is my first, so be kind. Just an small box cover in a textured paper. nice!!?
Having a low budget to get something for my better half I was force to come up with some idea to show my feelings. She likes dragons, so this fun idea came to me. You can do any size you like and it's cheap and simple.

Step 1: Material

Textured paper
Box of desired size
you need to make sure you have enough to cover all the outside of you chosen box and the inside if you so choose.

Step 2: Tools

All household items.

Step 3: Outside Cover

Since this prefabricated box has little space when you put the lit on, i had to leave room for the lit.
Then glue the outer cover to the box. Do not leave a large overlap it doesn't look good. With the exes that you have at the bottom, folded to it and make some cuts every 3/4 inch so it doesn't bunch up.
I use a sheet of paper under the cover and make sure i get glue all the way to the border and a little in the paper, just to be sure.
To make sure the cover is tight use the rubber bands as clamps and let it dry.
Make sure you trim the exes.

Step 4: Top and Bottom

You can trace the circle and cut it or glue an square and cut the extra after like i did, it saves time.
Make sure you take your time and do it neatly, so it looks good.

Step 5: Inside Cover

I used the open end of the box to trace both circles, but cut one 2 mm inside the line to put it at the bottom of the box (inside). The other one goes in the lit. Glue them up.
measure and cut the inside sides. Cover with glue, but specially the borders. Place in the box to glue and use a marker or any cylindrical object to make sure all the side is glue evenly.
Trim all exes and make sure the bottom is all cover, no visible lines.
Do the same for the lit and you are done.

Step 6: Final Product.

You can use it as a very sophisticated wrap. I hope that at least you like it.

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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    You can get it from any hobby shop, in the card making or scrap booking section. Since it is consider a special paper it's a bit expensive $5.00.