Dragon Teeth

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Intro: Dragon Teeth

Doesn't look like much does it? What if I told you I could destroy a country with it for generations? Small....pretty....fireproof. These Pyrex fire starters use the power of the sun. Hold it up on a sunny day, catch the right angle and you can set fire to a little piece of paper or some dry grass. What if there were millions of these? What if a missile or plane flew over your country and scattered them all over your forests, cities and crops? What do you do when it hasn't rained for a week and the sun shines? You would burn. And after everything is ash and the rain has washed them clean they will begin again. If you work the soil they will come up again, if it rains they will be dragged up from the ashes. Nothing will stand on that scorched earth until every single one of these has been picked up and buried deep underground away from the sun. You want fire? You got it. You can grow nothing. You can build nothing. All you have is ruin.



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