Dragon Armoured Ring

Introduction: Dragon Armoured Ring

About: Want to do some thing best with my less resource.

Hai friends! I am back with a Instructables with very cheap things around me. If you have appropriate machine and tools then U can make it in other metals. Here we go...

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Step 1: List of Materials

Materials Required

1) Waste board ( I got it from old Invitation. U may also use used aluminium cans but need appropriate tools to cut it)

2) Print out template.

3) Color Sketch or Paint.

Tools Required

1) Scissors

2) Glue (Fevi stick)

3) Paper Tape

All the above materials are available in your home and also in office....

Step 2: Measure Readings

Select for which finder u plane to place ring (I select my middle finger). Trace your hand in a paper and find the height of each joints. ( I already trace my hand for https://www.instructables.com/id/Rubber-band-and-Fibre-Nervous-Robotic-Hand/ Project).

To find the dia cut a piece of paper and make ring for 3 parts of finger. Measure its width.

Step 3: Create a Template

Draw a template it may be hand drawn or using computer. First make out line with width of the ring and height of the finger. Then draw a template for each separately. Keep in mind middle phalanx ring top must be curved so that it cant interact with the Proximal phalanx. Like wise For Distal phalanx.

Make Knife, Fire like curves to show its very dangerous.

Step 4: Start to Work

Paste the print out paper in a medium thick board(Board must be flexible so that we able to make ring).

Cut each pieces separately.

wrap to for ring.

Step 5: Join It to Make Ring

Join the ring with paper tape. Use only paper tape so that we able to color it. and taste each rings separately. Once all the three completed. Just wear it and grip ur hands to found any stack. I found no stack.

Step 6: Paste the Dragon

Join the top of the Dragon with paper tape. Place it look like it stand over the ring and paste it.

Step 7: Add Some Color

Color it with silver or iron. I have sketches I feel only back color in the sketch box suitable. So i color it with back and the tip with red. Color all the three parts. (I color remaining two with full black its look fine if tip only paint as red).

Step 8: Time for Party

Wear the ring, grip and release your finger its amazing.

Try this out and post me want models u try. Make it for all the fingers. Even though it made with paper and paper board. Its edges are sharp. So be careful.

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