Dragon Demon

Introduction: Dragon Demon

A dragon demon

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Step 1: Head (first Part)

Materials for head



black foam



masking tape


plastic canvas

rubber bands


cold porcelain


·Cover the top of the balloon with 7 layers of moist newspaper(a mix of pva glue and water).

·Shape the horns with newspaper and masking tape, add a layer of moist newspaper on top.

·Shape the jaws with plastic canvas strips and , cover with a few layers of newspaper and paper

·Put the jaw in place with tape

·Place a couple of rubber bands in the front so it will shut

·Shape the upper side of the mouth with cardboard

Step 2: Head (second Part)

·Once the head is ready, apply one more coat of moist paper

·Fold some wire and place it where the teeth will be

·Make it for the upper and lower teeth

· Shape the teeth and fangs with cold porcelain

·Coat the head with hot silicon to give some texture to it

·Paint the head with black and blue spray

Step 3: Head (third Part)

·Shape a second set of horns with cardboard

·wrap the horns withblack foam

·Make a third set of horns and wrap with black foam as well

·Glue the sets of hornsto the head with hot silicon

·texture the horns with hot silicon

·Paint with spray

Step 4: Wings (first Part)

Materials for wings

wooden sticks

thin hose


thin cable

screws and nuts

electrical terminals

black fabric

wooden board

·Put the wooden stick inside the hose, so it prevents the stick to snap. Glue the electrical terminals to the tips and secure with wire. Attach another bit of empty hose to the one with the wooden stick. You will use 3 per wing (2 large and one shorter)

·Pass some cable through the empty hose (so you will display the wings trouble free). Leave some cable on one end to make a loop that will be the handle that you will pull to make the wing move.

·Join the tips with screws and nuts.

Step 5: Wings (second Part)

·Cut the shape of the wings and wrap the wooden sticks structure on top of them

·Place the piece of wood in between the wings and attach the wooden sticks to it.

·Attach a couple of fabric strips to the wooden board so you can tie them in place when wearing them.

Note that the cable should be close to the wooden board

Step 6: Tail

materials for tail



black foam

·Cut a long and narrow triangle of the fabric, sew to make a cone and stuff it.

·Cut out scales out of the foam (different sizes)

·Wrap the foam scale with fabric and paste along the tail

·Add a strip of fabric to the widest part of the tail so its used as a belt

Step 7: Claws

Materials for hands





cold porcelain



·Cut small scales out of the fabric and add to the fingers

·Make the nails of cold porcelain and stick to the tips of the fingers

·Glue some hose over the glove

·Cover the hose with the scales

·Give texture with hot silicon

·Sew some elastic to the wrists and cover with more fabric.

·Paint with spray

Step 8: Chest

Materials for chest


black fabric



·Sew 6 small cushions to form the six pack and2 larger ones for pectoral muscles

·Coat the cushions with the black fabric and texture with silicon

·Give a coat of spray paint

·Follow the same process for the back

Step 9: Feet (first Part)

Materials for feet

Jersey sleeves




Cut the jersey sleeves.

Place the sandals in the sleeves

·Glue them together

·Secure with staples

·Make a kind of ankle boot

Step 10: Feet (second Part)

U will need

Polystyrene sphere





black paint

Half the sphere and then cut each halve into 4 and sand a bit, paint. This are the nails.

Glue the nails to the feet.

Glue some hose over the feet.

Stick the fabric over the hose.

Attach some fabric over the ankle to cover the “jersey boot”

Step 11: Legs and Arms

Materials for legs and arms







·Cut the foam to shape. And stick a bit of hose where its required. Cover with black fabric.

·Texture with silicon and paint

·Repeat the procedure as with the rest of the parts.

·Attach some velcro to the bits to put them in place.

Step 12: Accesories

Materials for accessories






·Cut a circle out of fabric and foam, stitch together and stuff. This will be the crotch

· Stitch elastic and velcro to place it to the arms

·For the shoulders, cut 3 big scales of foam. Wrap with fabric. Overlap them and glue together.

·Cut two little cones of foam and cover with fabric and glue to the top of the shoulders. Stitch them to the chest bit.

·For the legs follow the same procedure of above

·Attach a bit of elastic at the back. Finally paint.

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