Dragon Scale Rubber Band Bracelet




Introduction: Dragon Scale Rubber Band Bracelet

it is a cool design you can make it as long as you want

Step 1: What You Need

A ton of rubber bands. 3 clips and a loom
I don't have the The right Loom but mine will be fine yes my loom is made of Lego

Step 2: Patern

yellow is1 and blue is 2 okay now this is going
to be 6 long take 3 of 1 and twist them
then put 2 of the 2 in The middle of the 1 then twist them
like in the picture then take the bottom and
put it over 2 like in the picture then push it down then put the 1 on the top then pull the
2 over the 1 then push it down then keep doing
that till it is long enough

Step 3: How to End It

now stop with the 1 and take the first two
and put them in1 clip like in the picture then
do all of them the same then take the bottom
rubber band and put them in the s hooks
in picture the you are done you can do it any
number of length just do the same thing but
longer that is it follow me and leave a comment



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    8 Discussions

    Cool loom it's awesome

    Wow I've made like twenty and don't feel bad about the loom mine is made of nails

    I was going to do that

    You should make an Instructable on that "Lego Loom!"

    using Lego's for that is ingenious