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Do you like rock, metal and similar genres? Or do you feel like a proud viking warrior? Or you just want to have your keys or wallet in touch? Or just look cool?

If one of your answers was "yes", then you're in right place! :)

Step 1: Tools and Materials

To make this epic key chain, you'll need folowing items

- stick
- drill
- wire
- pincers, pliers
- buckle
- keyring
- patience
- metal rings( click HERE to find out how to make them! ) - note: I used about 240 of them :D

Step 2: Knitting

So...this part will be quite hard, but once you find it out how to do it, it's really easy! I swear!
I choose a pattern, that looks great and is easy for a beginner. But it's hard to describe it :D So try to look at the photos and catch it. 
I'll add a GIF later!

Basically just choose two base rings and connect them with another four rings. Now comes the hard-to-understand part. Take the two side rings and try to put them through the "base rings". Now just connect another rings and continue.

Or you can design your very own pattern, just be creative and most of all - patient! ;)

note: I later found out, that this (or similar) pattern is often called Byzantine knit.

Step 3: Finish

When you're happy with length of your chain, just simply add a clasp and/or keyring and proudly wear it!

Hope you guys like it!
If you have any questions just ask me!



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4 years ago

Also makes a cool necklace

15, 10:35 PM.jpg

4 years ago

Love it

15, 10:32 PM.jpg
T Storm

4 years ago on Introduction

Awesome! I made this one too. The pattern of chainmail is actually based on a ''4-in-1 European'' pattern, and so is called a 'round 4-in-1' as well. There is so much awesome stuff that can be made with chainmail!


Reply 5 years ago

I'm gonna be honest. it was pretty frustrated and I quit. I decided to go with a simpler design. but thank you for putting the idea in my head. :)


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Thank you for remark! :) In fact I didn't know that this pattern has a name. I was just playing with rings and it simply came up :D


Reply 5 years ago

yeah check out a style called full Persian it's a lot cooler looking I just started with it my self