DragonBoard410c - Send Data to ThingSpeak

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ThingSpeak is one of easiest internet of things platforms to use, your dashboard is based in channels and can be integrated with MatLab.

In this tutorial you will se how to send data to ThingSpeak Platform using DragonBoard connected to Intel Arduino 101 board.

The data is comming from a potentiometer connected to an analog input in Arduino board and sent via Serial to DragonBoard, that sends it by http socket.

Step 1: Upload Code in Arduino 101

Inside the files you can find the Arduino code to upload in Arduino 101 board.

Open Arduino IDE and select Arduino/ Genuino 101 board, if you dont have this option, you have to install the board in IDE.

Go to Tools->board->boards manager, search for intel and select Intel Curie Boards package.

After installation, you are able to upload the code in Intel 101 board.

Step 2: Download and Run Codes

You need to make some changes in code:

Line 24:

url = 'https://api.thingspeak.com/update?api_key=APIKEY&field1=%s' % (raw[0])

Replace APIKEY by yours, found in your channel settings as you can see in attached image.

Run dmesg and discover in what port your Arduino board is connected in DragonBoard.

  • $ dmesg

Catch the address of the port and replace at line 6:

PORT = "/dev/ttyACM0"

Go to thingspeak directory and run python file in DragonBoard:

  • $ cd ThingSpeak
  • $ sudo pip install requests
  • $ sudo pip install pyserial
  • $ sudo python thingspeak.py

Now you can see the data ploted in a graph in your channel.

You also can insert Google Gauge and a lot visualization types.



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