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Introduction: Dragonball Saiyan Nes

About: I like Making computer art. I see beauty in junk. Where others see a sewing table I see a charging station. People saw old motherboards, I made a Led lamp. I like creating. Hope you enjoy my creations

This is one of my game systems I have been modding. I was wanting to do something no one else has made.

The tools and Materials I used:

1: Xacto blade

2: Led strip and 12v plug

3: Foam sheet (yellow)

4: Paper (for stencil)

5: Dremel

6: Paint Brush and Paint

7: Screwdriver

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Step 1: Getting Started

Ok let's get your screw driver and open it up. Go ahead and take the inside apart.

Get the inside to where its just the shell.

If you have trouble remembering how it went together take pics, but a NES is pretty easy to remember.

Mine didn't have a lid, so I am working around that in this instructable.

Step 2: Do Your Research

Do some research as to what you want to do.

I did a little research as to what I wanted to do. Never seen a DBZ NES mod, so I want to be original

I wanted to make sure I got all the colors right, so I made sure to get alot of pics.

once I saw the black and white image I decided to do a stencil and designed my NES.

Step 3: Make Your Stencil

I printed off the image and made sure to get the right size or the area I was putting it at.

Then I carefully cut it with an Xacto blade.

Then I used masking tape to hold the stencil down.

Then I took a blue sharpie and colored it in on the NES

Remove the tape and stencil when done

Step 4: Cutting Time

Carefully and slowly cut your design.

I did the hair and eyes all the way through

then the face I did just a little of the way.

Afterwards I took the Xacto and carefully cut the points in the hair. The dremel leaves a round finish with cutting

So I took the blade and shaved it out to points.

Step 5: Paint It Your Primary Color

This step you are gonna paint it your primary color. With acrylic you will have to do about 3 coats.

Then cut a piece of foam for the under side and glue it on. I added a piece of plexiglass for the eyes

so the light could shine through.

Step 6: Add a LED Light for Saiyan Effect

I had white so I used white. Yellow would have been better here, but I used white, it ended up working well, and better for his eyes.

I took the Xacto blade and very carefully put slits in the foam hair to make the Saiyan Effect intensify and bring it to life. If you could make it pulse...it would be awesome

Step 7: Add You Secondary Colors

Here blue, red and yellow were added

Step 8: Reassemble and Plug In

Very simple, just very time consuming in all.

Just have patience and you can have something awesome!

In the finished pic I noticed the blue needed another coat, that has been fixed.

Step 9: Seal It

I spent 20hrs on this.Don't do all the work on this and stop here. Take some Mod Podge and do a coat or 2. It strengthens it and lasts alot longer.

I went from a Boring Nes that would be in my closet, to a DBZ that I now am displaying with pride.

I included a pic of my Nightmare before Christmas NES I made for my wife

Thank you all for looking, and leave a comment.

Don't forget to favorite :)

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Nice job! Did you solder the led strip to the power supply? Also 12v would have to be plugged independently because I believe the NES runs off 5v, post voltage regulator and rf box. If so did you cut a hole in the case for the led cord? 12v would be too much power for the old chips, imo.


    5 years ago

    Um That's A SUPER Saiyan NES........Nice Job I'd do it if I has one.