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Introduction: Dragone & Wizard Quilt

I made this quilt for my Brother - in - Law for Chirstmas a few years ago since we use to draw names. When I got his name I knew what I wanted to due. I already had to Gold material, so I cut it into as many squares as I could, then I got on Ebay and found the appliques for the dragon and wizards. I really don't recall how many squares I used. but I know that it took me a long time to do all the hand embrodiary.

Supplies Used
Gold Material
Gold/Black Trim Lots of yard
Embroidary Thread
Regular Nylon Thread
Rotar Cutter with Pad
Backing material
Queen Size Batting
Scallop Edging for the Border
Sewing machinge
Embrodiay Hoop
Thread Wax
Embrodiary Needle (LOTS)

Step 1: Sewing Appliques on the Squares

I started sewing the appliques on the gold squares but first I would make sure they were as centered as possible, Then on my sewing machine I used a differant stitch to sew them on. Then I layed them all out on the floor to see how I wanted to put them to gether. Then I sewed all the squares together.

Step 2: Backing and Batting

After the front was sewed then I cut the back material and had to sew it in half to make it large enough, then I place the batting on the floor and then the top, then lots of pins. I started embrodiaring in the middle and working my way to the edges and around to the bottom and top. I started this quilt about the middle of March and finished it around Dec 18th or so. I worked on it nearly every night doing the hand work. I was just going to embordiary to the corners of the gold materila to the applique but then I started to get carried away a followed the design of the pattern on the gold material. As you you see the stitch I used to sew the applique on is the color of thread I used to do the hand embrodiary with. Then I decided that the art work needed to stand out more so i bought the highlighted embrodiary thread and used it. Beleived me i wll not do this again I used wax on my thread and my fingers where plenty sore but I had fun doing it.

Step 3: Scalloped Border/Trim

I used a Scalloped Border for the edged It took two layers of this material. I first cut the border then I sewed it wrong sideout, then when I was done I turn it right side out and used a pencit to make the scallop edges look round. Then i sewed the trim between the gold blocks witha ziz-zagg stitch. After that I place one side of the border on at a time I had to make sure that both the front and back sides were even so that when I sew it on it would catch both sides. This was a little tricky for me since this was the first time I had ever done something like this.

Step 4: Back Side of Quilt

This is what the back side of the quilt looks like, with the scalloped edging.

Step 5: Pillow Case

When I got ready to mail his quilt I had time to sew a quick pillow case and then sewed a piece of the back of the material on top with the trimming round it. If he did not use the quilt at least he had something to store it in. When he received it for Christmas he was really suprised and told me what a great idea it was, so now I am in the process of making everyone in the family quilts for Christmas. LOL

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, that is a work of art! Amazing piece!