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Introduction: Dragonfly Bunny Pyjama Bag

About: Hi everyone, my name is Cynthia, I am a craftnerd and I run the Youtube channel CraftGyver, where I post crafting and sewing videos. Fell free to come have a look and say hi ^_^

Hi guys, today's DIy is going to be a bit of a random one. We are going to make a Dragonfly Bunny Pyjama Bag. This DIY is inspired by the Legend of Korra. As well as a step by step tutorial, a video is available.

You can find the pattern here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v6vcxj3q6kpjl2x/AAC0dmy...

or on my Facebpok page:https://www.facebook.com/craftgyver

If you want to know how to insert a zipper you can want my Totora pencil case DIY:

Step 1:

For this project I am using a fleece fabric, but you can use any type of fabric. Bear in mind that is will be quite a soft bag, it won't keep it's shape unless it is stuffed. You can always use a stiffer fabric or put some interfacing.

on each zip tabs, you will find 2 notches on one of the long edges, it is for the zipper.

Take one of the tab, on the edge that has no notches, mark the mid point.

From that mid point, make a mark two inches on either sides, that's where your ears go.

from these markings, you can either cut two set of slits with a scissors or sew buttonhole. This tab will be placed at the front of your bag

Step 2:

Next you can insert your zipper, you can watch my totoro pencil case diy if you want to know how to insert one.

Then, attach the zip tabs to the bottom of the bag. Put them right sides together, then sew the short ends together. To keep your seam from rolling out, topstitch them in place. You should end upwith a tube.

Next connect the first body piece to the tube. The body piece have two notches on either side. These need to be matched up with the side seams of your tube. Don't be affraid to uses loads of pins.

Then repeat the same process with the other body piece. Make sure your zipper is open, otherwise it will be difficut to turn your work inside out.

Once everything is sewn together you need to clip your seam allowances. Every inch or so, cut a triangle shape within the seam allowance, make sure not to cut you sewing line. This will help with bulk and smoothing out your seams.

Step 3: Paws and Tail

The tail:

You can make a pompom out of yarn if you have any. If you don't, no worries we can make it out of fleece.

Cut a round shape out of your fleece. It is better to go bigger rather than smaller, as the size will be reduced greatly when stuffed.

With a needle and some thread, do a running stitch along the edge of you circle. Then pull your thread. You can make yoyo flowers the same way.

Next stuff your tail to your liking. Once stuffed, pull ypur thread to close the tail then make a knot with your thread to keep everything in place.


Take two paw pieces, place them right sides together and sew all around. Make sure to leave a gap for turning them inside out. Clip your seams and turn inside out. Stuff you paw to your liking then sew it shut. Repeat for the other paw.

For the pads, free hand two circles for the bottom one and six ovale shapes for the toes out of felt. Then glue or sew them onto the paws

Step 4: Wings

You will need two pieces of wire measuring 74 cm each.

Connect the two ends together with some tape and give them your desired shape.

Cover each wing with some shear tights and secure them in place with more tape, Cut the excess.

Next with some paint, draw you wing design. I took a picture from google image as a reference.

Once dry, cover the end of your wing with some fleece, make sure to leave some excess fleece hanging out, so you can attach the wings to the bag later.

Step 5: Finishing Up

Glue the tail and the paws to the back of the bag. You can also sew them if you wish.

Attach the wing to the bag, using the holes you made earlier in the zip tab, and glue them in place. Then you are done


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