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Introduction: Dragons Head

Being from the UP of Michgan, you could saw wood run thru my veins, LOL , But Mostly I got myself...

Build this dragons head last year for my Upper Michigan Fireman's Tournament in Ironwood Michigan, You can say I pretty much recycled everything in this head, there is a part of a fiberglass ladder for the nose, part of a small satalite dish for the round part of the back of the head, plastic flashlights and red tinted plastic lenses for the eyes, there is card board, ducktape , chicken wire and about 4 layers of paper mache, Ohh forgot the wire clothes hanger for the long wiskers from the nose lastely the paint, but that was that weight wasn't to bad about 45lbs but it was mounted so at least now one had to wear it Plus the bottom of the jaw was moveable to which we used a CO2 extinquisher to simulate smoke blowing out its mouth

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