Dragon's Roar Crossbow W/ All New Trigger System




Introduction: Dragon's Roar Crossbow W/ All New Trigger System

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This is my fake crossbow (arms don't bend ) but it sorta looks like one. It has a never before seen trigger system (not ratchet) on it that is so reliable the bullet breaks before the trigger fails.
Shoots 130 feet and pierces cardboard from 30 feet. Has about the same power as the reaper.

I might post but not as clear of instructions as ar25 because of difficulty



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    i doubt it, the rod end where it snaps onto the ammo slides in to the little indention on the y connector, let me get a pic

    hey i see it is a sling? hmmm. :P nice but not exactly a crossbow its not wide enough at the front :S still nice though :P 5 stars

    yeah i know that but the front doesnt exactly look like a crossbow :S sorry but it is still great though :D