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The Dragoon Shortboard is a custom made board that was an attmept at giving boards a modern new look whil combining favorable aspects of different types of boards.The board combines the stability/ turning rate of a longboard and keeps the small profile and light weight of a shortboard.

The board is 10" wide at its widest point, and 25" in length.  The wings are placed apart for optimal foot placements, while the middle remains thin to conserve weight and give the board its overall design.

The Dragoon uses a Veloz 5 10"  longboard trucks, Abec 7 Dragon bearings, and generic 70mm black wheels.

The deck is made of .5" 7 layer baltic ply, with a 1/8" thick layer of Maple on top. The design of the deck was first sketched out by hand, refined on CAD, and then CNCed out.

The grip tape on top is a VERY special industrial grip tape by Nitto Denko. I used it for it has a metallic blue shimmer to i under sunlgiht, adding the effect of dragon scales. The grip tape was cut out for the front and back wings, and for prelminary testing, a single strip was put down the middle.

After testing, the center grip tape was removed, and the bottom sides of the wings were chamfered down by a sander for visual effect and to prevent wheelbites.

Once chamfer is made and the board is sanded down, I drew on a dragon design and the name "Dragoon" on the bottom of the deck with a Sharpie.

Once the design is on, i coated the entire board with generous layers of Shellac. I masked off the wing grip tapes and around 3 heavy layers were applied. the reason I used shleeac is becasue it is easy to repair, dries fast, and gives a natural and good even coat. The Shellac will protect the wood, protect the btoom design, and also give it a nice high gloss.

After the shellac is completely dried (24 hours) I got 800 grit 3M sandpaper adn wet sanded the surface and edges. This will give the suface of the deck, an EXTREMELY smooth surface. It almost tfeels like plastic at this point. Once the deck is done wet sanding, dry it well with a towel.

I removed the maskign tape off the wing grip tape, and reapplied the center design grip tape with arrows to give it a little visual "Woah" factor, and to add the effect of making it seem fast, like a dragon :)

Finally, the trucks are mounted and ready to be ridden!




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    3 years ago

    I am currently making it. Cost me 55 dollars total. Great build


    5 years ago

    What is the point of the Maple layer on top? Is it just for looks? Also, how did you apply it? Is it just with normal wood glue?

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    The point of the layer of Maple on top is to add more strength to the deck, make the grain for the wop and bottom go the sam direction, and was also for design trial and errors. It started of thick so I can experiment with the top design and plane it down if undesired.

    The maple also looks nicer when it has soaked ib the Shellac compared to the baltic birch ply.

    And yes, I put it on using woodglue, but a waterproof/outdoor variant for it is for outdoor use


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I beg to differ :/
    Im not quite sure if you're saying the front and back are switched, or if you're saying they're just turned the other way.

    In case you werent sure, the wide part is the front of the board, and these trucks are mounted as designed.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    In my opinion its pretty great. Im not an avid boarder, but like to cruise around with friend and speed down hill.

    th Dragoon is small, but it keeps it lighweight and nimble. the large trucks also keeps it stable at high speed and helps it turn well.

    It may not be the perfect board, but it is very versatile and greaat for casual use in any field.