Drainage Management System(Intel IoT)

Introduction: Drainage Management System(Intel IoT)

The project drainage management system is mainly aimed at monitoring the flow of water in the drainage system.

Using the system we can determine the level of water in the drainage from time to time.When there is a rise in the level of water beyond the optimum level, we can inform the responsible authority to take suitable measures to control the flow.The system can be used effectively to solve the problem of drainage overflow during rains.

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Step 1: Hardware Used

  1. Intel Edison Board with Arduino shield for interfacing sensors
  2. Ultra sonic sensor

Step 2: Working

Here we are using Intel Edison board and connecting the sensors.The ultra sonic sensor is fixed to the lid facing towards the water surface.The sensor reads the values i.e, the level of the water and is sent to the cloud.The cloud has the values, level of water,and time at which the level of water is recorded.

Using an API, the values can be read to the web application and android application. The web application and the app shows a map. We can know the level of water at different locations by clicking on the marker in the map.

When the marker is clicked, a graph is shown which is plotted using the level of water and time.

Step 3: Working Code

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    Very nice work, thanks for sharing!