Draining Soap Dish + How to Make in Autodesk Inventor

Introduction: Draining Soap Dish + How to Make in Autodesk Inventor

I hate getting in the shower and finding a mushy soap bar from water sitting in the bottom of my soap dish, and losing a quarter of my hand soap bar because of a couple drops of water, so I made a soap dish that drains the water to one side back into the sink or shower. The bottom of the dish is sloped towards one side, but the ribs are straight so the soap bar stays in place while the water drips out of the dish and back into the sink/shower.

The STL File is attached on this slide and the last slide. If you do not want to read how the 3D design was made then skip to the last slide to read about printing.


Step 1: First Profile

Start with a rib side profile and extrude.

Step 2: Use the Pattern Command to Make the Ribs.

First you will have to draw a sketch on the bottom face of the rib that extends to how long you want the dish to be. Then, you select rectangular pattern, how many ribs you want, and "curve length" to make the pattern end at the line.

Step 3: Make the Side Wall

Draw a rectangle and extrude.

Step 4: Add the Slanted Bottom

Create a profile and on the side of the rib and extrude. Make sure to change the setting in the extrude menu from cut to join.

Step 5: Print

The last step is to convert to STL by going to export and saving as an STL file.

This does not need a raft but it really depends on your printer and print bed type.

If you want the sloped bottom to be smooth, you can print it sideways, but there will be more support material to remove.

Hope this helps!

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    Very nicely done, this is a great idea!


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