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"Who has awakened me?!" Probably the most iconic quote in the game Drakan, spoken by Arokh when Rynn awakens him with his soul crystal.

I managed to get the Drakan editor working and was able to export static objects like this one! You will need Pepakura in order to open the files. Just print, cut and glue him together. You can scale him as big as you want using Pepakura Designer. If you are interrested in Drakan, be sure to check out Arokh's Lair!

>>> Download Drakan_ArokhInStone_Papercraft here<<<

Download Pepakura Designer here: http://www.tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/

You can see the statue at 18:14 in the video below:

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Step 1: Materials

Material list:

  • Aleene's Tacky Glue (can be found at Pipoos)
  • Cutting knife/scissors or Silhouette Cameo 2 (cutting machine)
  • Cutting mat
  • Black marker
  • Tweezers (recommended)
  • Paper
  • Printer

Step 2: Print, Cut and Glue

  1. Print out the templates.
  2. Cut out the parts and use a black marker to hide white edges of the paper. Only use it at dark parts!
  3. Fold and glue the parts together.You should start with the most tiny/detailed part and that is the head. Work your way towards the tail and wings. Glue it flap by flap and ring by ring. You can also cut out and directly glue one part at a time so you don't accidentally lose a (tiny) part! You can fold using a ruler, a scissor or slightly go over it with your cutting knife.

__ _ __ = valley fold

__ __ __ = mountain fold

If you have a Silhouette Cameo, you can use that to cut the templates by making use of the Cameo plugin for Pepakura. Found here: http://www.tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/download/vi...

If you need some more help here are some useful papercraft tutorials:

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    Reply 3 years ago

    Drakan is a fantasy pc game from 1999. When Rynns village is pillaged her quest starts to save her little brother. She awakens the dragon Arokh, together they will find out there is a more sinister force at work. The player can now ride on a dragon, control his attacks and fight in mid-air combat.


    Reply 3 years ago

    oh, cool! i might want to try it out. is it still available for purchase or download?


    Reply 3 years ago

    It doesn't sell anywhere anymore, but I'm sure you can find it another way.

    It actually runs on current Windows versions, just make sure to install the following patches:

    - Install official patch v445: http://www.arokhslair.net/downloads/drakan_patch44...

    - Install Drakan AiO Unofficial Patch Second Edition:http://www.moddb.com/games/drakan-order-of-the-fla...

    (This last patch got an update in december '15 that made it work for windows 8+ straight out of the box)
    Also Arokh's Lair is a very helpful site: http://www.arokhslair.net/


    Reply 3 years ago

    never mind. You need windows 98 or older platforms to play it :P