Dramatic Blue Prom Makeup Tutorial

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So as I uploaded a natural prom look last week so i needed to go the other way and share a colourful look. I do hope you like this

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Step 1:

So first I just take some sellotape and apply this onto the back of my hand and then on the outer corner of my eye and this is going to help give a sharp cat eye look. Its a great tip to get perfect eyes and liner every time,

Step 2:

Then with a light brown shade I just take this and blend this out into the crease and use this as a transition shade. This is going to help the other colours blend out. Then taking a wet brush I apply a very bright intense blue and apply this to the centre of the lid. Then taking a black shadow You need to tap this onto the outer corner and blend this out into the crease of the eye. Then with some lash glue I apply this on the inner corner of my eye making sure it doesn't go into my eye. I then apply some gold glitter here. Then taking my fluffy brush I go over everything to make sure it is soft and blended.

Step 3:

Then I go in with my liquid liner and apply a wing to the eye and then my mascara and lashes.

Step 4:

I then go onto my face. I first apply a concealer to the under eyes, chin, nose, forehead and also on the brow bone. This is to highlight these areas. I then go in with a beauty blender and blend this out and set this wet translucent powder. Then with my bronzing powder I apply this to the hallows of my cheeks, nose, jawline and hairline.

Step 5:

Now the last steps for the eyes are to really darken them. I do this by applying the black eye shadow to the lower lash line and then black gel liner to the waterline.

Step 6:

I then go in with a plum shade and apply this to the apples of my cheeks to add some colour. Then with my highlighter I apply this to my nose and highest points of my cheeks.

Step 7:

Finally taking a plum pink lip colour and apply this to the lips.

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    3 years ago

    Your eyes look like Jennifer Lawrence's eyes :)