Draw a Realistic Eye With Only a Pen




About: Im from Germany, so my English is bad.... Sorry for that. My interests are drawing modelling, Sports and Gaming. with my Computer or iPod :D. ...

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Step 1: First Lines

To Start, draw the First Lines, the Basic Lines

Step 2: The Pupil

Nie draw the pupil. It has to be rally black. Just in the middle you have to leave a Part a Little Bit brighter (for light-reflections)

Step 3: Shadows

Draw the First shadows. How you have to do, you See in the picture...

Step 4: Eyelashes

Draw the eyelashes !!Attention¬°¬°: your pencil has to be really sharp!!

Step 5: The Lens

Draw many Lines for the Lens...

Step 6: FINISH

Now your eye is ready... Make some Last Lines and shadows to make it Perfect :D

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    5 years ago

    Nice! I had no paper so I tried it out on my leg and added some watercolors. Turned out surprisingly well

    14, 10:28 PM.jpg