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Introduction: Draw Your Hand in 3D - DIY Tutorial

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Learn how to draw your own hand in 3D. Perfect activity for you or your family sins every one can join! It does not need to be perfect, only close enough to make these incredible "3D" drawings :)

What you need:

  • Felt pens (one dark and 2-3 other colors you want, great if you can make different sizes of lines with the same pen)
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Your own hand!

Step 1: An Instruction Video! :)

This is a video I have made for this project. It shows all theses steps in detail. Pleases consider hitting the like and subscribe button to help me. It means a lot to me! :) https://www.youtube.com/user/victordoes

Step 2: Draw!

1. Start of by drawing your own hand on the paper with the pencil. Try to make the lines as thin and "invisible" as possible, but still visible. You do not want to see them after it all is colored.

2. Use one dark felt pen to make the first lines. Draw straight lines and choice which direction you start from, keep drawing your lines in the same direction!! When you are on the outside of the "hand-area" draw straight lines. When entering the "hand-area" draw the shape of your hand/wrist. (see picture or video)

The lines should be equally spaces from the side you start, the other side will not. There for you always need to start drawing the lines from the same side.

3. After you have filled the paper with lines keep adding the colored lines beneath the first one. I used 1"black", 1 blue, 1 gray and filled the remaining white area with green. Going from darker to lighter colors. Make sure you still flowing the height differences of your hand when filling and always drawing lines!

Also choice where you want the shadow to be. Only one side of your hand! On that side add some extra color do make it darker just beside of the hand area. (Se picture).

4. If you want to you can fill the area of shadows once more, to make your hand really "pop" out of the paper.

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Happy crafting/drawing! :)



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12 Discussions

Very Cool! Going to try this with my 11 y.o. later. If it turns out decently I will take it to work on Monday and show the art teacher (and post a pic here).

There is a lovely example from Binarybug down below as well :) Thanks for watching!

Just watched the video - that is so cool! I can't wait to try it but I bet it isn't as easy as it looks.we will see :-)

1 reply

It might take one or two tries, but should not be to hard! Do not quit until finished (as I did a couple of times...), it looks better when finished! :)

very nice.. did this with my 8 y/o daughter.. she liked it.. she also came up with the idea to do this with chalk on the pavement (full body) ... as soon as spring is here, we'll try that! gonna be fun!

We did this at a art course a couple years ago, then I got inspired when I found it at YouTube. So almost correct! :)

So simple, but the result is quite stunning. Very impressed!

Gonna do this with the kids this weekend. Thank you!

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