Draw an Instant Camera

An instant camera has complex geometric shape. Despite this, it is easy to draw step by step.

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Step 1:

Start with a wireframe cube. Use thin lines.

Step 2:

Divide the top of the cube into three horizontal parts.

Step 3:

Draw a square parallel to cube face.

Step 4:

Draw film pack cover. Since this step, use thick lines.

Step 5:

Draw camera face.

Step 6:

Draw flash unit face.

Step 7:

Draw the flash unit body.

Step 8:

And now camera body.

Step 9:

Draw flash unit hinges.

Step 10:

Draw flash tube, its reflector and window.

Step 11:

Draw lens.

Step 12:

Draw print output slot.

Step 13:

Add details.

Step 14:

Draw two parallel lines protruding from print output slot.

Step 15:

And now the print.

Step 16:

The completed drawing.

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