Drawing a Eye Ball Flower Monster

Introduction: Drawing a Eye Ball Flower Monster

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Using Auto Desk Sketch Book pro version 5, I was able to create a simple eye ball flower monster. Using techniques that I have learned from my own experience and watching others, i will be teaching you my process of making the eyeball monster. things to have are either a tablet with auto desk on it or a drawing tablet for your Pc/mac.

Step 1: Planning.

That's right, ever drawing or piece of art starts with a blank where you plan out space and come up with an idea. For me i deiced i wanted an eye ball flower so using my  

How To Draw Evil Creature Concept Art .

Step 2: The Shape

Slowly using the default paint brush and the default eraser i began to imagine the shape of my creature and eyeball flower. It's kinda like using construction lines with normal drawing. However the difference between using guide lines from sketching to do line art and making a shape "shadow" is that the shape can be given quick form and depth then shown in a shorter time then a guide line drawing. 
  • First I drew the blob
  • Then I made a duplicate layer 
  • Then I hide the original 

Step 3: Shape to Line Work.

I find the lack of control I have on lines in sketch book pro make it hard for me to do line art work ( I'm use to the pen tool in Photoshop for line art). However, i got around that buy using the eraser tool to "crave" out the inside of the shape to leave the line art and giving the lines a bit of jitter.
  • use the erase tool
  • slowly figure out where the edges are 
  • when finished make a duplicate and hid the original 

Step 4: Inner Line Art

Now this is the time I will use guides to plan out where wrinkles, ridges, and placement of other things. I pick a contrasting color to my background which is a light blue and begin to sketch out where stuff goes with the pencil tool. Not all the lines have to be complete on the eye ball give them some spacing look at my drawings for a better example.
  • Open new blank layer under line art
  • pick light color
  • use pencil tool to sketch out where lines go 

Step 5: Adding the Details

On the layer above the guide start using the paint tool to make your dashes and line over the guides. Then use the eraser to slowly whittle away the lines. 
  • draw lines
  • erase and perfect 

Step 6: Coloring

To be honest I hate coloring in sketch book pro 5( again spoiled by Photoshop), but i heard its much better in sketchbook pro 6. 
  • Create a new layer and place it under the line art under 
  • find base color
  • color whole figure with base color
  • erase the extra color 

Step 7: Adding Shadows and Highlights

  • Make a Duplicate layer of the green base 
  • select the airbrush tool with a dark hue of green then the base
  • figure out the direction of your light source
  • begin to add shadows 
  • then with a light hue of green add it to where the light should hit 
  • add shadows and light to the ridges on the wrinkles
  • then softly and slowly blend the colors using the smear tool and airbrush tool going back and forth to get a good blend.

Step 8: The Eyeball

  • Give the eye a base colors
  • then make a duplicate of the base color and hid e the original 
  • Began to add colors and mix them with the smear tool
  • create a new layer above the completed color eye layer and use a dry brush tool I used "bently's brush set" found here brushes
  • then set the Brush layer to multiply

Step 9: The... Background .... Face Palm

im not really going to make a super awesome back ground so i just went crazy with red orange and yellow then smear.

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    Erasing to make nice lines was very clever. I've never thought of that before :D


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah i have a very old and cheap tablet so its really hard to get nice lines in auotdesk plus you can take a quick shadow the came from an idea into line art in moments.