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In the art world, line and color can be found in virtually every piece of artwork you see.  From a drawing to sculpture, these are the basic foundations to any great work of art.  The earlier you become used to drawing a confident line that has flow and the use of color (including black and white) the easier it becomes as you age and your skills grow to continue building on these concepts.  However, that does not mean that you can not learn at any age!!

What better way to work on the break down of shape, line quality, line confidence and the layering of colors than a handy dandy chameleon!

I use this project with my first graders and they adore it!  I have taught it live and used the video I created as an emergency sub plan for days I get ill.  Remember to pause the video as you work.  I would suggest watching the video once and getting a "feel" for what you are about to do, then play it again and start drawing.   Check out chameleons with a simple google search and you will see the amazing colors they can be and I would encourage the layering of those colors.

When I used this project for my class we together to learn fun facts about this amazing animal as well as looking at the fantastic colors that create their changing skin.  The students then created their chameleons with gusto!  You could see the pride in craftsmanship and for some their own surprise that drawing is becoming much easier!

Enjoy and please post pictures of your fantastic chameleons!!

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    I love that your students take that initial idea and "run" with it. It's wonderful that you show you do not have to "copy" an image. You can take an idea and make it your own. I still have difficulty with that concept. You must be an amazing teacher. So glad the kids have someone like you to instill a love of art they will carry with them always ♥

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    It can be a hard concept to take on, but if it can be instilled young it helps a great deal. I adore my job, so I don't know if I'm an amazing teacher or not, but my students know I care for them and only wish to help them get better. :)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    When I teach this lesson I do so four times in one week, so each time I draw it live with my students and break it down it's a little different, but in my book that's ok. Students also put their own twist on the chameleon which I find fantastic. Who wants their work to look just like everyone else? Please feel free to ask any questions I'm happy to lend a hand!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Here are a few examples of my students work as well as two of my own examples