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Introduction: Drawing Directly in Your Word Processor

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I take most of my notes on a computer, however drawings are frequently very useful in scientific notes.

Instead of juggling between two applications (microsoft paint and microsoft word) these two methods shows how to draw directly in word. This is easier and more organized than having paint and word open at the same time and switching between programs with cut and paste commands.

These drawings can also be later modified in word by double clicking on them and redrawing.
method 1 = steps 1-4
method 2 = steps 5-6

Step 1: Open MS Word

open MS word, click 'insert', then go down to 'object'

Step 2: Click 'bitmap Image'

click 'bitmap image'

Step 3: Draw Your Picture

A little drawing box will appear in word with a pencil mouse icon, draw your picture.

Step 4: Click Outside the Box

when you're done, click outside the drawing box, and you're back in typing mode. To edit the picture later just double click it.

Step 5: -----2nd Method-----

You can also draw another way: click on
insert, picture, auto shapes

a drawing area will appear

Step 6: -----2nd Method Cntd.-----

To draw freeform with a pencil tool click:
auto shapes, lines, then the squiggle picture (labeled "scribble" if you hover your mouse over it.

then draw whatever you want. Note, this method is vector based, so after you draw edit points along the line will show up, allowing you to modify it by dragging the edit points around.

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    9 Discussions

    I think you probably have to be smart enough to already know this in order for it to be misleading... for those of us who think were in high cotton when we manage get the margins set correctly this is awesome. Thanks for the Instructables!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Nothing special, anybody with the knowledge of MS Word would know how to do this. And the title is misleading, and technically you are not drawing to MS Word any way. All you are doing is importing an applications features to MS Word, but in reality all you are doing is drawing to MS Paint.

    Erik Lindemann

    While it is a usage of tools to make it work for you, the title is misleading. You aren't drawing directly to Microsoft Word, you're drawing it in MS Paint and importing it to Microsoft Word.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    actually _I'm_ not importing anything, it's _automatically_ imported (the computer executes code to import it seamlessly without any user actions), therefore, I am 'drawing directly to microsoft word'. So in this example from a certain level of abstraction (the level of abstraction that actually matters to logical human beings) paint and word can be considered one application.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Still, the title is misleading, as it says "Word Processor" and not "MS Word". I was hoping this would be something I could do with my Linux/Open Office combo.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    yeah and I was hoping I could do it in notepad.