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Hey, you guys! ^^ I'm basically a beginner when it comes to drawing manga as well as Instructables so I was wondering what kind of things I may be able to help people with. Here are some pictures I've drawn over the course of a few years so you would get a feel of how good/ bad I am at drawing manga. Please give me suggestions on what kinds of tutorials I should make and constructive criticism on the drawings. Thank you~! :D
~ Shinigami-san
The drawings aren't in chronalogical order of which they were drawn.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    OMG, sorry, you guys!! I've been away from Instructables for two years now, so I'm only getting around to replying to these comments. Thanks for the critique and compliments! :) I've gotten a bit better since the last time I drew these pictures, so please wait for the update!

    Uhm, so I posted this Instructable up 'cause I wanted to peeps to get a feel of how "well" I am able to draw and perhaps anything they might want me to make a tutorial of. Are there any suggestions?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Overall, they're good drawings. Though I must say that some are quite stiff. Try to let 'gravity' bring the hair down and clothing folds too. Check out my tutorials for more information. I really like how you draw cute animals. Maybe you can make a tutorial on that!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    its not bad but i think it should feel more natural you know
    like just lookin relaxed or something
    but overall its pretty good!

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    relaxed? :O like more curved lines and letting paint go around the edges like watercolor? :D
    thank you for the tip and complement! ^____^

    Actually, I assume they meant more with the poses and such. Staying in the lines is generally important, but the characters shouldnt look stiff. There should be a certain flow to them and they look comortable and natural. Im not saying having energetic characters is bad, its very cute, but when you draw, having them standing straight and forward gets awkward. I hope this might help a lil n.n

    Oh, I get it! O_O Hm, but isn't it generally harder to draw flowing poses that make sense if there is only one person...? I know! I'm missing how to draw backgrounds and such that's why it's so hard. Okay, how about these steps to making a drawing?
    1. Come up with an idea (with background, I usually forget this part).
    2. Draw one or more character.
    3. Draw background?
    Haha, no, you actually helped me a lot. All of your comments gave me lots of good ideas and I hope to draw them out so you can see my improvements (hopefully). Thank you~! :D

    Haha, actually I rarely draw backgrounds too. It isn't necessarily an issue, but it's a good skill to try and pick up, so Id say feel free to work on that :3 It's very true that having extra characters can make things more interesting and emotional, but when you get particularly good at drawing single characters, you'll be able to make this flow you want to achieve come out naturally without adding the extra details.The goal is to make an emotional (whichever emotion this is is for you to choose) picture that doesn't need a setting in order to move the viewer. And I think the only thing that will let you learn how to do this is spending time on practicing and studying (lots of studying cx) of professionals and other respectable artists' works.
    So my advice! : read lots of manga, watch anime, find your favorite styles and watch how they pose their characters, study how their bodies are formed. Practice those styles and blend them into your own that's already existing and time will do the rest.
    And don't worry, your work is already beautiful, and you can only improve ^-^ (sorry for such a long explanation)

    Sorry that I didn't reply to your comment until now because I haven't been on Instructables recently. ^^"
    So professionals can create settings without using backgrounds and only the characters' postures and facial expressions?? O_______O That's amazing. I've never realized that before; I just wish artists were given more credit. >.<
    Hehe, you can never get bored of watching anime/reading manga imo!! :D I will try the advice you guys have given me to improve my work! ^_____^ Thank you for all of the support!! =^o^=