Drawing a Honeycomb in SelfCAD



About: SelfCAD is an online CAD Software as a Service that allows users to model, sculpt and slice for 3D design and 3D printing all under one program. It requires no downloads since it is browser-based. Work can b...
  • In this instructable, we are going to learn how to draw the honeycomb above using SelfCAD
  • To begin,.visit www.selfcad.com to sign up then select Launch the Editor and you will be all set.

Step 1: Creating a Hexagon Shape

  • Before using the drawing tool, use the Shape Generator tool to create the hexagon shape.
  • Select Shape generator tool from the create section.
  • Set the number of edges to 6 then click finalize the shape.
  • Select the scale tool from the transformations section and set the X-axis to 80.

  • Using the copy offsets from the edit section, create a copy of the object.Select one of them and change its color in order to know which one is the smaller one.

  • Change the x-axis of the selected object to 76 while keep proportion option is selected.Select the move tool and move it towards the end of the workspace.

Step 2: Using the Drawing Tool

  • Select the drawing tool from the Create section.We have an option to drag and drop our objects from the scene or use the basic shapes to use them as drawing shapes.
  • Set the decimal precision to 10 and select our first object in order to use it to do the drawing.
  • Enable the Erase in order to draw the smaller object.This allows you to subtract from the bigger object (in order to create a hole as shown below) then finalize the shape.Delete the other objects.

Step 3: Transforming the Object

  • Select the drawing tool and set the decimal precision to one.Using the drag and drop option, select the object you have just created and drag and drop it in the scene.
  • Select the object again and fix it just beside the first one as shown in the second image below, continue fixing them until you have an object like the one shown in the third image below and then finalize it.

Step 4: Creating a Rectangle Around the Object

  • Select the drawing tool and then select the rectangle from the options available.
  • Select the auto precision and set the decimal precision to 20.Start drawing until you create a rectangular shape like the one shown in the first image below.
  • Set the auto precision to 2 and select the erase tool and start drawing the rectangle again and then finalize it.

Step 5: Creating the Surrounding of the Honeycomb

  • Select the drawing tool then select spline drawing from the options given.
  • Set the auto precision ON and set the Decimal precision to 25 and start drawing until you obtain the third image below.Set the decimal precision to 10 then select the rectangle drawing and start drawing around the object you have just created using spline drawing tool while Erase is ON then finalize it.
  • This will create a rectangular hole in it.You can then print them separately then combine them later



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