Drawing With Light

Introduction: Drawing With Light

To create a light drawing, a camera and tripod is necessary. You will need a room where you can turn the lights on and off. Lastly, you will need a light source such as a phone, flashlight, glow sticks, etc.

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Step 1: Put the Camera on Manual Mode.

Step 2: Tripod

Place the camera on a tripod or a steady surface.

Step 3: Shutter Speed and Aperture

Turn the shutter speed dial to adjust the shutter speed until you have your desired amount of time to draw with light. At least 10 seconds is suggested.

Set the aperture to F10 by holding down the Av button while turning the dial you used for the shutter speed.

Step 4: ISO

Use a slow ISO. 100-200 is recommended.


It's time to take the picture! Turn off the lights. Press the shutter release button and take the photo. You have the amount of time that you set as the shutter speed to make a drawing using a light source. If you want to include everything (the person and the background of the photo with the light drawing), simply turn on the lights immediately after drawing. And don't move!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is really cool! If I could give one bit of feedback, I would make your last picture the main picture so that people know more what your project is about. I'm sure that it would be featured if that happened.