Dreadlocks for a Day


In this DIY you learn how to make dreadlocks for a day.

All you need is:

- Long hair

- Hair Spray

- A Hair Straightener

- A comb / tease comb

Enjoyy :)

Step 1: Twist the Hair

Take a small piece of your hair and twist it around until you get the twisty dreadlock effect.

Step 2: Teasing

Tease your hair with the comb/tease comb until it is messy

Step 3: Hairspray

Add some hairspray so it will stay longer.

Step 4: The Hair Straightener

use the hair straightener on your hair for about 2 minutes.

Step 5: Hairspray to Finish

Add more hairspray after you styled your hair with the hair straightener and you are done.



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