Dream Catcher From Twilight New Moon

Introduction: Dream Catcher From Twilight New Moon

About: i am a teenager of age 17 love to do art

why I made it

I have been searching a lot about how to make dream catcher from the movie twilight new moon I don't find it online But don't get many results so I decided to make one by own I made this dreamcatcher for my sister's 17 birthday as she is a very big fan of twilight series.

Wreath of this dream catcher is different cause was unable to
got the grapevine wreath instead I have used coconut rope

Since I am a beginner to Instructables so I put things pretty simple to u.

Step 1: Materials (Things U Need)

  • thick husk rope for a wreath
  • 2-thin husk rope to tie wreath
  • brown thin thread or Embroidery thread
  • -dark brown medium thick thread
  • -gold leaf -gold ornament (silver ornament can also work)
  • -shell
  • -the small bell
  • -big size brown beads
  • -medium size brown beads
  • -medium size sky blue beads
  • -small size black beads
  • -small size gold bead
  • -stone
  • -glue gun or else tieing knot will work

Step 2: Making the Wreath

inner diameter 7.5 cm

outer diameter 13 cm

width of 4cm

-take thick husk rope andmake use of some round shaped beaker or pen holder to makethe wreath of around inner diameter 7.5 cm and outer diameter 13 cm

-take the rope make it round along the beaker and make sure to keep width of 4cm

-now stick it gule gun to so that it sticks perfectly -now take the thin husk rope and make round on wreath and tie it

-watch video for assistance

Step 3: Threading the Dream Catcher

-use the thin brwon thread and Follow the diagram here to

see how the dreamcatcher is threaded

Step 4: Dream Catcher Decoration

-First, cut a piece of embroidery thread.

Slide the beads onto the thread as per photo

-follow steps for all threads decoratives.

-tie knots or use a glue gun as per required to hold beads on thread

-Tie this to the end of the dreamcatcher and double knot it.

Step 5: Hanging for Dream Catcher

-use thick brown thread to make the hanging for dream catcher and u did with the dream catcher.

Step 6: Finish

Now that you have completed your Dream-Catcher

you can hang it up and start catching your bad dreams!... enjoy the beauty and satisfaction of your newly created artwork! Thanks

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    Nice replica. Do you have any in-progress pictures?


    Reply 2 years ago

    i have uploaded video