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Introduction: Dream Catcher Garland

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When wondering what hoop-like materials I could use to make perfect dream catchers, I realised that I had a bunch of old bangles lying around that were absolutely ideal for the job. This is a great way to recycle old, unworn jewellery into something even more beautiful.

Step 1: Start Wrapping Your Hoop

Tie a loop in the end of your embroidery thread. Glue the knot of the loop to the bangle so it sticks upright, and then use the remainder of the embroidery thread to start wrapping the bangle, adding a small amount of craft glue to secure.

Step 2: Finish Off Hoop

Continue wrapping the entire way around the bangle before ending the embroidery thread in a knot around the hoop, securing with some glue.

Step 3: Start Knotting

Knot the thin silver cord around the hoop, again securing with some glue.

Step 4: Trim Cord

Knot the cord again and cut off the remainder of the cord.

Step 5: Start Tying

Knot the cord again a short distance away from the original knot.

Step 6: Tying Continued

Secure the knots with glue as you go along.

Step 7: Continue Knotting

Continue knotting the cord around the hoop periodically, until reaching just before the original silver knot.

Step 8: Start Second Set of Knots

After knotting all the way around the bangle, knot the cord inside the first loop. Continue knotting the cord inside every loop.

Step 9: Add a Bead

To add a bead into the dreamcatcher, simply thread a bead onto the silver cord and continue knotting as usual.

Step 10: Finish Dreamcatcher

When the dream catcher is the size you'd like, secure the end of the cord by knotting twice and cutting of the excess cord, securing with a spot of glue.

Step 11: Make More Dream Catchers

Make enough dream catchers for the length of the garland you'd like. Add beads and feathers to the bottoms of the dream catchers.

Step 12: Create Your Garland

Tie the dream catchers onto the thicker silver cord, adding beads in between to decorate.

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5 Discussions


5 years ago on Introduction

I loved your instructable, it was very clear and precise. About how much webbing string would I use for a 10" Dream catcher?

This is great! I've just started my first ever attempt, I'll post a picture when it's finished!


Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

Please do! I'd love to see your version! :) Enjoy!


6 years ago on Introduction

Ooh, I like it! Your dream catcher instructions are excellent, and putting a row of them in a garland is great idea.


Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

Thank you! :) I remember being confused the first time I made one, so I thought I'd make the instructions as clear as possible. It actually hangs above my bed in my university residence room. :)