Dream It, Draw It, and Then Build It.

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Needed a box to store parts when taking something apart. They really did not have what I wanted at the store and I did not want to spend a lot of money. Remembered that we had some left over poster board. That's the ticket. Then I decided to follow my maxim. If you can dream it, then  you can draw it. If you can draw it, then build it.

Not building an antenna here but the same idea applies.

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Step 1: If You Can Dream It, You Can Draw It.

Let's see what do I want? A box of course sort of like a cigar box, but it would be nice to have sections. Maybe one larger section and then three smaller ones. This way varying size parts could be stored easily. Let me dream about it. Aha!! I have an idea. Let me draw it.

We need to decide on the parts needed. Let's see. Bottom, top, and four sides for the main box. We will also need three blades for the inner walls.

Let's see, how does that go together again. The more you draw the easier it is to build.

Step 2: If You Can Draw It, You Can Build It. (part 1)

Make a model.
You will want to use regular cardboard for the model.

Need to cut the sections.
Cut the base first.
Cut the top like the base.
Cut two sections of two all the same height and to the lengths of the side of the box.

Cut the two upper blades.
Cut the support blade.

The idea here is to make the mistakes on the model and then make corrections for the real unit. In any case tis might wok just fine with a little adjustment and some more tape.

Step 3: If You Can Draw It, You Can Build It. (part 2)

The real thing. (Be careful here. The parts need to be slightly shorter or longer than the box so the box will close.)

Need to cut the sections.
Cut the base first.
Cut the top like the base.
Cut two sections of two all the same height and to the lengths just short of the sides of the box on one set.
Cut the two upper blades.
Cut the support blade.

Step 4: Build It Like the Model.

Lay out the parts.
Imagine in your mind how they will go together. (you have already built the model, so that should be easy.)
Put it together.

Step 5: Keep Going..

Try for something a bit more complicated. Things do not have to be perfect, since they are just for you. Remember to build the model first. Tried to find the Instructable this pencil holder was based on, but could not find it readily to refer to it.

Step 6: Bonus: PC Tablet Stand.

Made some coat hanger tablet stands in another post using coat hangers, I wanted a stand that would be less likely to damage a touchpad and be easy to store while traveling. This what I dreamed of after seeing another idea.

Draw your pattern.
Trace it over two pieces of thick posterboard.
Cut out the pieces. (Just using one long piece is hard to fold.)
Double tape the backend of the two pieces together.
Bend and insert your tablet.

Step 7: Simple Boat.

Looking at a bunch of home made cardboard battleships. Sure want to make one. but i have never even contructed a row boat. Hmmm... Let me think of something simple and then maybe a bigger project can be tackled. One goal for this project was to build a boat with just one pieceof cardboard to minimalizing taping up the unit. Here is what I came up with starting first with a drawing in my mind.

Step 8: Another Project

if You like these see: https://www.instructables.com/id/Nomad-doll-furniture/https://www.instructables.com/id/Nomad-doll-furniture/


Step 9: Drawers.

Drawer project in progress. I new instructable should be out soon. Just have to build the drawers.


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