Dream+Make+DO! Web Show - My Jack Daniel's Independence Project

My name is Curt McMillan.  I'm an inventor, maker, serial entrepreneur and webcast producer.  I've been streaming live video to the web, on location, for meetings and events over the last several years.  As I have been a part of numerous maker, inventor and entrepreneurial events, as a participant and a webcast producer, I've realized that along with the creations, there are fantastic stories behind the creators.  These stories are educational, funny and inspriring...and so many have yet to be told.

I want to produce a LIVE, interactive web original show that shares these stories, demonstrates everday invention and creation, from makers, inventors, artists and entrepreneurs.  This weekly show will be live and on location from the places where creativity lives, grows and is celebrated by those making it happen and seeking its inspiration.  From Maker Faires, invention clubs, workshops, galleries, conventions and special events

If I were to win the $25,000 grand prize, I would finance this production by aquiring all the tools and talent necessary to produce this interactive show and tell.  This includes HD cameras and tripods, video switchers and webcasting computers, lights, mics, green screen backdrop and bandwidth (mobile internet and stream hosting).  Oh, and a camera person or two would be handy...hard to host AND operate a camera. This show will entertain, inform, amaze and hopefully drive us all to Dream, Make DO!



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