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Introduction: Dreamcatcher Earrings Decoration Necklace DIY

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In this instruction you will learn how to make a dreamcatcher!

This specific instruction will teach you how to make a dreamcatcher and how to adapt them to be used as earrings! But they can just as easel be made to a necklace or a regular dreamcatcher! :)

You will need:

  • Metal Ring of your liking (base)
  • 4 Smaller rings per earring
  • Earring hangers
  • 3 Feathers per earring
  • String (thicker then for sewing)
  • Scissor
  • Glue (if your like.. not used in this tutorial but can make the process easier..)

Step 1: Base

Start of by cutting of a long piece of string. Longer then you often think is needed! I went two turns around the base ring with the string in this instruction..

Then tie the string to the larger base ring and start wrapping/spin the string around the ring. We want to cover the metal.. Not needed if you like the metal ring as it is!

After ever 10 loops of string around the ring make a regular knot to help preventing the string to untie it self, and help the design to be tight and neat! At the same time turn the covered part so the string get tighten around the ring helping the design to be even tighter! :)

When you reach a suitable place for one of the 3 smaller rings (where you will attach the feathers in), lay the smaller ring in front of the base ring and tie the smaller ring into place with three regular knots. Do this for all three rings.

After I had covered the whole base ring I went a another turn with string, this time less tightening to get the structure of the string.

Step 2: Inside

The inside structure is the most fun part!

Tie the string at a suitable place and keep making knots at the base ring in a equal distance. Somewhere between 6 - 10 should be fine! But it depends of the size of the base ring!

After you made a full turn start making knots in the middle of the untied string pieces between the knots... (Well.. In guess you might need to take a look at the pictures!) :)

Keep doing this until your bead/pearl fits in the centre hole. Let the string pas true the bead and tie the sting with a double knot at the other side!

Done! :)

Step 3: Finishing

Add the feathers and earhooks tot he rings and your done with your new DIY dreamcatcher earrings! :)

Step 4: Watch This! :)

This is a video we made for this project! Please consider to subscribe so you do not miss any of our upcoming videos. It does mean a lot to us! :)

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    3 Discussions

    computer freak3
    computer freak3

    4 years ago

    This is amazing. I love it so gonna make me a pair. Thanks for sharing. and where could i get the feathers like that?

    pat didion
    pat didion

    5 years ago on Introduction

    how do you do the middle part of the design?? the threading??

    Victor Does
    Victor Does

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction


    When the bead fits perfectly in the middle I just let the thread go true the bead and make a standard double knot on the opposite side from where the thread came :)