Dreamcatcher Sketch Mandala Style



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Intro: Dreamcatcher Sketch Mandala Style

In today's time mandala style art and dreamcatchers are very much fascinating.One of my friend is so much obsessed with it and so I decided to sketch one and gift her.There are various ways of using this sketch for giving someone as a gift.You can do fabric painting of this design, do wall painting or even make a sketch of it and gift it as a frame.

Step 1: Drawing the Outline of the Sketch

For making a circle I used a cap.After making the circle i made another outline outside the circle.

Step 2: Drawing Shapes Inside

Then i made different shapes inside.I started by making triangles followed by semicircle after which I made tear drop shape and other designs as well.You can see those designs in the images.

Step 3: Making Wings

Then I made outline of the wings after which I made proper shape of feathers inside the wings.

Step 4: Making Feathers

When I was done with wings I drew the shape of feathers at the bottom and did shading with pencil.Then I did outline of the whole sketch with black pen.

Step 5: Final Step

After the outline was done I finally did little bit of more sketching with hb pencil of number 8 to add more defined detail just to enhance the look. Hola! the sketch was ready.It looks simple yet beautiful.I will give my friend this sketch as a frame.



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