Dreamwave Bolt-Action True Horizontal-Magazine Sniper (D-BAHM)




Introduction: Dreamwave Bolt-Action True Horizontal-Magazine Sniper (D-BAHM)

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Oooohkaaayyyy...here we go

I wanted to find a way of building a gun with a true horizontal mag, wherein the rounds are held perpendicular to the magazine (think p90) The output of that is this, with the core mech very closely resembling the mech I posted before posting this. If you want to see how it works check the text in the pictures.

If anyone wants me to I'll post more and elaborate on building it, but as is I think it can be pretty easily built just by those external pics (stock and handle from my DBAR), internal pics of my mech (even more in the comments there!) and some personalized customization


Range: about 25 ft with two really old (had to tie between breaks) size 16 bands, and the green ammo (can manually fire any size rod just by pulling back bolt and setting it in. hoping to get more bands today to try another test

Looks: really crappy but maybe cool to someone else

Ergenomics: handle connection isn't comfortable at all but front handle and stock are really dreamy to hold

Everything else: this is basically a concept, I wouldn't bring it in its current state to any war or anything, just a cool (loud and intimidating to cock) sidearm thing with the stock lopped off... think a bolt action spaz-12 with no stock and completely different internals



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    I'm thinking of taking a bunch of pictures, posting them for my latest one, and then taking this apart and building a bullpup repeating slingshot...what do you think? good idea or bad idea?

    Good idea. :) Try a different handle if you build a new gun, IMO, this one takes away from the looks.

    I will, just need to get my family to stop playing videos so it doesn't take all day to upload :p

    I have no clue how long I've spent making it look better, but it looks like this so far. it'll be ready for the contest so long as I can make an ible for it :)


    I failed at the gun. It would not feed right, but I might add a normal mag. I gotta take some guns apart for pieces though. Here are some pictures.


    No, their are a couple of guns that use a white connector with green rods snapped into each slot that a pin hits and shoots. Most of them are really poorly done, so I wanted a nicer alternative. I think I could do it if I tried harder, but it is difficult to build one that doesn't look bad, or shoot bad.

    sorry I clicked the wrong reply button... the comment above this is what I was going to reply :p

    it's a gun I designed and built, it works by using a bolt to work a relatively high capacity true horizontal mag, look up the p90 to see what I mean. thanks for the looks interesting part, I think the revised one looks way cooler even :)

    huh...mine is going OK and I have a good block for the pin but the connection mech between the block and the trigger is a total mess and I have no clue what to do right now. I'm hoping I'll be able to truly finish it tomorrow

    here's the link: https://docs.google.com/file/d/1RlX6FxW2H2FiXNKR-iPkCzGvveE5qLSjCQ/edit?usp=docslist_api

    The contest is not till the 13th, and you can't enter a ible that was published before then. So clean the gun up, and then publish instructions in a new ible during the contest.

    Are you publishing your ibles on a computer? If so, see the "About this instructable" panel on this page, with with the number of views and favorites? Around the bottom of the panel there is a thing that says: "Add instructable to: Group or Contest." Click "Contest." I have no idea what happens after that, as I have not entered a contest before.

    I just had a peach of an idea for a gun of mine. It would be a pistol or carbine, and it would use a white connector with green rods in all the slots, and I would have it rotate like a turret, and the firing pin would hit the rods out of the connector. This has been done before, but I would go an extra step and make it a break action, so after I shoot all the ammo, I break the barrel and remove the empty connector clip, and insert another one. Then I would tip the barrel back up, rotate a ratchet and keep shooting.