Dreamy Eye-makeup!

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Intro: Dreamy Eye-makeup!

I have created this dreamy eye makeup look that is perfect to carry during day time or night you can also have slight variations. If you want a subtle look carry this look with a light pink lipstick and for a night party pair it with a deep nude shade because one can never go wrong with nude lip shades!

Step 1: Things Required:

1) I am using a oriflame eye-shadow palette for the look. You can use any palette of your choice with shades used in the tutorial which are base shade(creamy), rosy pink, shimmery pink, grey color and the lightest color of your palette.

2) Eye-shadow primer or you can also use a Liquid concealer for setting up a base for your eye-shadows.

3) Compact powder or loose face powder.

4) A cello tape.

5) Makeup brushes.

6) Any Eye-liner, Mascara and Kajal of your choice.

7) Eyebrow grooming kit or pencil.

Step 2: Applying the Base:

1) Apply some liquid concealer or eye-shadow base on the eyelid tap it with your fingers so that it blends well and set it with some loose powder. This will act as a base for your eye-shadow and help sticking it on you lids for a longer time.

2) Cut a piece of cello tape and stick it near your eye. Start sticking it from the corner of your eye diagonally towards the hairline (refer to image 1) it will give a crisp finish to the eye makeup and also helps in applying a perfect winged eyeliner.

3)Apply the base shade(creamy) from your palette and blend it well using a blending brush (refer to image 2)

Step 3: Adding Color and Blending:

1) Add the rose pink color on the eyelid from your palette and blend it well using a nice blending brush(refer to image 1)

2) Add the shimmery pink color on the eyelid after blending the rose pink color well and blend it well using a blending brush(refer to image 2)

3) Apply the grey color on your lower lashline and smudge it out with a flat blending brush(refer to image 3)

4) Apply some kajal(I have used plum gel kajal) on the lower waterline and smudged it well before it sets to give it a smokey look. As you can see (in the image 4) applying kajal adds some definition to the eyes.

5) Add the lightest shade of the palette to the inner corners of your eye to highlight them like I have done. Remember using a flat brush for the same(refer to image 4)

Step 4: Applying the Eye-liner and Grooming the Brows:

1) Extend a line upwards from the corner of your eye using an eye-liner for a winged liner and connect the liner with kajal on the lower lash line to give it a fuller look. I am using a liquid eye-liner (refer to image 1)

2) Draw a line from the tip of the extended line to the mid of the eyelid for a clean winged liner now fill the gap(refer to image 2)

3) Now draw a line from where you left to the inner corner of your eye and always remember the closer you go to the inner corner the eye-liner must be thin i.e.. thinner at the inner corner and thicker at the end. Now add a coat of mascara to make the eyes look dramatic(refer to image 3)

4) After removing the tape it's time for grooming the eyebrows I am using the maybelline fashion brow duo shaper in the shade brown it has wax pencil on one end and powder puff on the other end(refer to image 4)

5) The wax pencil is used to define the shape of the eyebrow. Whereas, the powder part is used to fill in the brows(refer to image 5)

Step 5: Final Look:

I hope, by the first image you can tell the difference between the groomed and normal eyebrow also how eyeliner and mascara can transform the whole look and adds some drama to the eyes(image 1)

You can see the final look in the (image 2)

I hope you all find my tutorial useful. Thanks for reading! :)



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