Dremel 395- Not Working, Repair

My Dremel 395 quit working when I was twisting the wire counter-clockwise to get it into my z-axis mount. I read on the forum where someone tested 6.5/7 ohms between the stator wires.

One of mine was broke so I fixed it! I hope someone else can use this to fix theirs too.

First determine if your stator has 6.5/7 ohms between each coil set. There are two coils to test. If there's no reading then you have a short. If one is broke then you have to solder it back! The problem is that the wire is now too short to put back into the connector. The solution is to (not in this order) solder a tab onto it and reconnect it with the pin.

Step 1: Pull Pin Out/ Drill Hole

Pull the pin out with some small pliers or a jewelers flatHead screwdriver might work. Notice the slit in the bottom the wire needs to be  around .002". First though drill out the bottom of the slit on the inside of the stator housing so the new wire won't get pushed out, well that's probably optional though.

Step 2: Squeeze the New Wire and Solder the Wires Together

Take some small solid wire and squeeze it until it's small enough to snuggly fit into the pin connector. Snip the outside end to the wire. Place the pin back into the stator pin housing and push it down a little into it.

The problem is that the small stator wire is coated. The solution is to scrape it off but it's too hard to do that. Another method is to heat is up! I use my soldering Iron (weller 100/140 watts) and heat it up but it won't work completely. To complete the de-coating go ahead and solder the new wire and keep the old wire in the solder. Move the iron around the old wire and add some solder. It's pertinent that the old wire is soldered... not just setting in the solder. This shouldn't be a problem the heat from the solder will de-coat it eventually. You may have to remove the solder and scrape the wire with your iron a couple times. It's that difficult sometimes the iron takes a while. Now we have to make sure the new connection doesn't stick out.

Push the old wire against the side wall with a paper clip/drill bit/something and reheat the solder. Cross the new wire and wait for the solder to dry. Clip the excess wire off and test for continuity. You should have 6.5 ohms across the coil.

Step 3: Put Back Together and Rewick Ends.

 Put the little guy back together, one tip in that is that the chuck hold pin is easier to get right by holding the dremel housing side that it fits in down and place the parts in it first. While you have the plug wires out reheat the solder and rewick the ends, if your tool is like mine(more than 10 years old) it needs all the push and prevention it can get! Put that little guy back together and badaBoom badaBing.. you have a new dremel tool!

Here's my video of the little guy back in action. Like he never left!
http://youtu.be/orPsk9HF7oo ... I would've embeded it but this fine website decided against it! I guess getting the instructable up and looking good isn't really that important.

This was my documentation of my dremel 395 repair. I got the motivation from reading a post on the forums about the correct ohm reading for the stator coils. If it has this same problem, I hope you are able to fix yours too! Good luck yall!



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    9 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Thanks so much. I had exactly the same problem with a dremel 3000. I got lucky and could unwind the coil 1 turn to give plenty of wire for a reconnect.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Worked like a champ! Thank You. Never thought I would have a cut coil wire. Priceless! Dremel 395 Ver 5 Actually thought it was the switch because it would run -not run etc.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    No problem... these little guys are great. I just replaced both the armature (the one I got is not available but you can find others) and switch( http://amzn.com/B00C1KBQDM ) from amazon for about 40. I only needed to replace the bearing but that wasn't going to be easy.

    You can get used ones from the pawn shop for 20 bucks but it's working even better with the updated switch so I can't complain!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I had a craftsman dremel I bought years ago that broke.

    My fix was not the same but resulted n no soldering or drilling.

    What I did was unwind the entire coil and rewind it back so the wire was long enough. The dremel works even now after 5 years. :)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for posting this. I had the exact same problem and followed your instructions. I'm pleased to have a great Dremel working now. Thanks again!

    1 reply

    6 years ago on Step 3

    Great tip. I would also buy a new field assembly piece, that's the stator you repaired and keep the repaired one as a spare. Its ~ $5-10, shipping included to the USA, direct from Dremel.

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Step 3

    Good idea. Also the bearings go bad too. I don't remember the dimensions off the top of my head but they can be bought from the internet for cheaper than ace hardware.